In a New York hospital one night in 1946 a photographer, LIZZIE, forty-two years old and originally from France, recounts moments from her life to her son, who is in a coma. With her is the ghost of her father, PIERRE, telling his story alongside hers. Their stories come together as they are about to emigrate to America, when she is eight years old.

Loosely based on a true story, and with a touching, magical conclusion, ADRIFT is a one-act two-person musical by Winston Eade (Music) and John Hudson (Book and Lyrics), exploring love, loss, heartbreak and survival.

ADRIFT is a new heart-warming musical!

Piano & Vocal demo showreel 

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Piano & Vocal Score

updated 25/04/2022


Song/Script reading Workshop March 2022 video available upon request


ADRIFT has been developed with performers Laura England (Lizzie)  & Tom Cove (Pierre)